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Car Rental Policy

Terms & condition for hiring a car:

Before hiring a car we advise you to read our Terms and Conditions.

1- The lessee must return back the vehicle with all its tires, instruments, tools and handover to the in charge office as he received the vehicle, on the moment of finishing the contract.

2- Connection Chauffeur Car Rentals or its affiliate has the right to take back the vehicle from the lessee when ever they require, by cancelling the contract without showing any reason.

3- The lessee must do:-
a - Fill the fuel tank (petrol 97 octane) during the contract period in his own expense.
b - No driving is allowed drunk or in an intoxicated condition or his mind is not under control.
c - Do not transport prohibited things inside the vehicle or the materials illegal to the customs and rules of U.A.E.
d - Do not park the vehicle in prohibited places or unsecured places.
e - Do not handover the vehicles to any one not mentioned in this contract or not having driving license which is approved by U.A.E. Traffic Department.
f - Do not use the vehicle for race or over speed, do not use the vehicle for pulling other vehicles, trailer or boats of any kind.
g - Do not use for public transport of persons or goods.
h - Do not take the vehicle out of the U.A.E. boundary.
i - Lessor has the right to select any garage to repair damage without any objection by renter, who is not entitled to repair the car.

4 - This contract and its conditions are subjected to the court and Laws of United Arab Emirates

5 - The lessee must bear 5 % fine per day from his deposit in case of any delay.

6 - In the event of dispute between the Arabic and the English language texts. The Arabic text shall prevail.

7 - All vehicle shall be brought punctually every 1500 Kms. for servicing by the company, or if any mechanical, or electrical defects arise, or otherwise the renter will be held liable to any damage.


Change in Car type:
We reserve the right to change the car type incase the desired car is not available at the booking date due to any unavoidable circumstance. We will pay back the difference in case the car is lower grade

Down Payment of AED 500 is non-refundable under any circumstance


a - All Vehicles of Connection Chauffeur Car Rentals or its affiliate are fully insured along with the drivers.

b - The lessee is responsible to the rules of the Insurance company where the vehicles are insured, he has the right to ask for the insurance document to his own information.
c - The lessee will not get the benefits of insurance policy if he did not stand with the clauses of this contract, such as:
 - The accident happening out of U.A.E.
 - Happened by crossing red signal or if he was drunk or his mind was not under control.
 - Handing over the vehicle to any one not holding a driving licence which is approved by U.A.E. authority or he drove the vehicle in wrong side etc.
 - The renter must pay the percentage figure that the insurance Company decides if the vehicle is total loss due to the renter's mistake.
 - In case of delay on avoidance of payment a penalty of (900 Dhs.) will apply for follow up cost in addition to payment of all and legal fees if a court case is opened to collect the rental amount.
 - The renter must pay Dhs. 500/1000/2000 deposit (depending upon the car type) to avail the 20 % car repair insurance in case of any accident.
 - If the driver’s age is below 25 years the applicable excess would be Dhs. 1000 plus 20 %
 - For new drivers having driving licence for less than one year it would be Dhs. 500 Plus 20 %
 - But if the driver’s age is below 25 years and his driving license for less than one year excess is Dhs. 3000 Plus 30 % of Claim amount.
 - If any accident happen the renter is liable to pay hire charge from the time of accident till the completion of repair
 - Connection Chauffeur Car Rentals or its affiliate is not responsible for the insurance of any kind of a person who is driving our car with a driving license of less than one year.
 - In case of any accident of the car by the Renter, they will also be responsible for payment of any charges.

CDW Purchased (Collision Damage Waiver):
Excess amount varies from AED 3,000 to AED 10,000. The vehicles are fully insured against any damage and in the event of any accident, then the driver's liability will be 50% of the excess amount i.e. instead of AED 5000, you pay AED 2500. We do not offer Super CDW where the renter's liability is zero.

CDW will not cover if:

> Police report says “hit & run case” means car hit by someone while bieng parked.
> Car vandalized
> Tyre,wheel or windshield damaged by your fault.

If the police report says hit & run, then the deductible is applicable as per the vehicle group (e.g BMW 740Li: AED 5000/ Rolls Royce: AED 10,000).
A police report is mandatory in all cases.

CDW not purchased (Collision Damage Waiver):
In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, the renter is responsible for a minimum deductible (non-waiveable) amount i.e. according to car group (From AED 2000 to AED 10,000)

Incase of an accident:

a - The lessee must not abandon the vehicle but stay on the spot, do not move from there and contact us immediately.
b -Contact with traffic police for inspection and survey.
c -The lessee have neither to pay any compensation to any one are make any Compromises with others, if happened so it will be in his own expenses, he is also responsible to pay compensation against the damages and fault to Connection Chauffeur Car Rentals or its affiliate.


a - the lessee must bear all fines imposed on the vehicle with effect from the date of signing on the contract and receiving the vehicles up to hand over the vehicle to Connection Chauffeur Car Rentals or its affiliate
b - If the vehicle is retained by any legal authority or others in any Emirates of the Country the lessee is responsible for the expense of clearance paying all liabilities and penalties and returning back the vehicle to office in good condition as he received from the office, and to pay the complete rent of the vehicle up to date while handing over the vehicle to Connection Chauffeur Car Rentals or its affiliate.
c - If the vehicle is retained due to any fault or damage the company will repair it in the expense of lessee as they like.

Incase renting a sports car

Requirements/condtions for hiring a sports car:

1: Original passport as deposit, which will be returned to the hirer on off hire of the car.

2: Local or international driving license copy.

3: Hirer should be at least 25 years of age for the insurance to cover. 

4: Credit card copy front and back.

5: Credit card blocking of AED10,000 as for security of traffic fines, which will be refunded back to the card after 14 days of off hire date

6: All car comes with a daily mileage of 250 Kms

7: Rental payment to be made in advance, either by cash or credit card. 

Insurance in Sports Cars:

The insurance coverage is comprehensive insurance. That is, incase of accident if its not the hirer's fault on police report, the hirer does not pay anything, but incase of the hirer?s fault on police report hirer is liable to pay AED 10,000 as excess depending on the nature of damage. Incase of small scratch or damage, the estimate from the garage of the damage as well the rental charges for the number of days the car is in garage, has to be cleared by the hirer. Should you require any assistance or clarification please contact us anytime.